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Post  Mickey D. on Wed Feb 02, 2011 11:59 pm

Just thought I'd give you guys a taste of what the game thinks about a preseason poll for your conference here for the upcoming season:

1. Hamill
2. Hartland
3. Los Angeles
4. Dayton
5. Medford
6. Santa Fe
7. Ideal
8. Syracuse

Preseason Player of the Year:
Britton Paschel, Hamill

Preseason 1st Team:
Britton Paschel, Hamill
Eric Fraser, Hamill
Steveroy Hargett, Hamill
Kabir Rickert, Los Angeles
Booker Hendrix, Hartland

Preseason 2nd Team:
Brock Evtimov, Ideal
Zach Hutchinson, Hartland
Darrel Clancy, Hartland
Rylan Barley, Hamill
Drake Bethel, Hamill

Preseason 3rd Team:
Shane Bolton, Medford
Bracey Fox, Hamill
Ernesto McGuire, Santa Fe
Marcello Parkinson, Los Angeles
Jeff Gastel, Hartland
Mickey D.
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