Day 1, Game 5: Los Angeles 69 at Columbia 80 FINAL

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Day 1, Game 5: Los Angeles 69 at Columbia 80 FINAL

Post  Mickey D. on Tue Feb 08, 2011 1:40 am

Los Angeles 69 - 80 Columbia

Los Angeles Scoring:
Rickert - 32pts 10rebs 6asts 6stls 2blks
Parkinson - 15pts 3rebs 3asts 2stls 0blks
Zuzak - 9pts 6rebs 0asts 2stls 3blks
Richard - 9pts 0rebs 2asts 1stl 0blks
Maguire - 3pts 4rebs 2asts 2stls 0blks
Lewis - 1pts 5rebs 0asts 0stls 1blk
Long - 0pts 3rebs 0asts 1stl 3blks
Lemons - 0pts 2rebs 0asts 0stls 0blks
Borders - 0pts 4rebs 0asts 1stl 0blks
Atchinson - 0pts 1reb 3asts 1stl 0blks
Copperwood - 0pts 0rebs 1ast 0stls 1blk

Columbia Scoring:
Conroy - 20pts 18rebs 0asts 2stls 6blks
Freeman - 16pts 3rebs 2asts 4stls 0blks
Santiago - 13pts 4rebs 0asts 0stls 1blk
Byrd - 10pts 6rebs 0asts 1stl 3blks
Vianney - 9pts 7rebs 0asts 0stls 1blk
Rohde - 8pts 1reb 4asts 1stl 3blks
Payton - 3pts 0rebs 1ast 3stls 0blks
Brand - 1pts 1reb 0asts 1stl 0blks
Snow - 0pts 1reb 2asts 0stls 0blks
Bigby - 0pts 4rebs 0asts 2stls 1blk

Location: Columbia, Missouri
Arena: Show Me Arena
Attendence: 5,987

Largest Lead:
Los Angeles: None
Columbia: 21 (54-33, 16:30 2nd Half)

Lead Changes: 0
Ties: 0

Halftime Score:
Los Angeles - 30
Columbia - 43
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